Auto HD Plus for YouTube

Due to a very limited free time the development of this extension has ended. I highly recommend you to use Enhancer for YouTube™ instead.

As you may have already noticed, by default YouTube™ serves videos at a low definition to users that don't have a large monitor, even if they have a fast internet connection. This is frustrating when you want to watch a lot of videos in HD because manually selecting your preferred quality for each video is really annoying.

To easily solve this annoyance you can use Auto HD Plus for YouTube™ if you don't need all the features that Enhancer for YouTube™ brings.

Auto HD Plus for YouTube™ is a very lightweight extension that automatically sets your preferred quality, whether you want videos to start playing in HD or at a lowest definition.

It also allows you to stop autoplay for videos loaded in background tabs, which will improve your YouTube™ experience.

So if you're fed up with having to constantly click the little gear icon each time that a video is loaded, click the button below to freely get Auto HD Plus for YouTube™ from the Chrome Web Store and let it perform this repetitive task for you!

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