Flash® Player for YouTube

The HTML5 player is the default player for Chrome and other modern browsers. Unfortunately, for a lot of people including me, this player is laggy and consumes much more material resources (CPU, RAM) than Flash® Player. And what is even more frustrating, is that YouTube™ has removed the possibility to choose between both players, forcing us to watch videos with it.

Fortunately, browser extensions exist! Just like YouTube™ Flash® Player, my popular Firefox add-on, Flash® Player for YouTube™ can force YouTube™ to play videos using Flash® Player. Flash® Player is directly integrated with Chrome, and updates are automatically included in Chrome system updates, so you don't need to worry about security. You can verify that it is installed by typing chrome://plugins in the address bar.

Don't get me wrong, I would be happy to see the HTML5 player working fine on all devices, but until that day comes, Chrome users experiencing issues with it can simply use this very lightweight extension, since it is more simple to install it than to buy a new computer with better hardware components just for watching videos using a supposed "better than Flash®" technology.

So if like me and a lot of people you are experiencing issues with the HTML5 player, click the button below to freely get Flash® Player for YouTube™ from the Chrome Web Store.

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