YouTube Flash® Player

This is the most simple yet popular add-on that I have created, more than 400,000 users and counting! The reason of this success is that YouTube has made the HTML5 player the default player for Firefox and all modern browsers.

Unfortunately for a lot of users, including me, the HTML5 player is laggy and consumes much more material resources (CPU, RAM) than Flash Player.

YouTube Flash Player to the rescue! This very lightweight and restartless add-on does only one thing and does it well... It forces YouTube to play videos using Flash Player. Obviously, the Flash plugin must be installed on your browser and for security reasons it must be up to date. To check if you have the latest version click here.

Don't get me wrong, I would be happy to see the HTML5 player working fine on all devices, but until that day comes, I bet YouTube Flash Player will remain installed on many browsers because it is more simple to install it than to buy a new computer with a better processor and more RAM just for watching videos using a supposed "better than Flash" technology.

If like me, and a lot of people out there, you are experiencing issues with the HTML5 player, click the button below to install YouTube Flash Player directly from Mozilla's website, it's free!

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